• Cablu de Boxe Tellurium Q Statement

Cablu de Boxe Tellurium Q Statement

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Cablu de Boxe Tellurium Q Statement
Tellurium Q

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Cablul vine echipat din fabrica cu conectori spada sau banana la alegere, pentru alte dimensiuni va rog sa ne contactati, se pot executa la comanda si alte dimensiuni As with all our cable series developments, the speaker cable is the cable we start with. The Silver Diamond cables were something of a surprise to those that heard them and we were even surprised at exactly what they could do. So deciding to try to better them was no small undertaking. While reviewer′s were incredibly impressed with the Silver Diamonds we wondered if there was anything else we could bring to the performance to improve them. What we ended up doing is starting from the ground up again looking at each step in more minute detail and tweaking each and every iteration to optimise performance and optimise we did. The Statement speaker cable not only surpassed the Silver Diamond but did so spectacularly, once again blowing our expectations clean out of the water. What you have with the new Statements is a reviewer′s nightmare, how to describe them without repeating words that will be mistaken for something that you have heard before. More analogue, yes but oh so more. More detail, absolutely but not in the way you would think. More universal and compatible with systems, well there was only one or two systems that did not shine with the Silver Diamonds but now… More richness, yes but a warmth and richness that is completely unveiled. More “real”, people have used the word “tangible” when listening to systems with the Statements.
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