• Cablu Digital Tellurium Q Ultra Silver

Cablu Digital Tellurium Q Ultra Silver

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Cablu Digital Tellurium Q Ultra Silver
Tellurium Q

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Pentru informatii legate de stoc, detalii tehnice, consultanta ne puteti contacta telefonic sau pe mail, datele le aveti aici Gasiti atasat un fisier PDF cu informatii legate de specificatii tehnice ale produselor Tellurium Q (UK) Pretul mentionat este pentru o pereche cablu digital cu conectori RCA montati in fabrica. Se poate comanda si in alte dimensiuni mai mari decat cel mentionat The new Ultra Silver Waveform II design is a big departure from the original version and judging by the response it is getting, it is a significant development, this is a direct replacement and upgrade of the Graphite waveform. Reviews The Audiophile Man The thing about this cable is that, after 10 seconds of listening, there is so much good stuff to write about that you feel like typing four paragraphs worth of superlatives which destroys the listening flow, I can tell you. The removal of a host of distortive noise gives music both space and time to flow forth. The increased silence and air that the TQ allowed into the music gives the sonics time to add both character and structure to each note. What you are faced with then is unparalleled character and focus that demands your attention.” − Paul Rigby Read the full review Mono & Stereo “The first cable on the “test bench” was the Tellurium Q Ultra Silver WaveformTM II (RCA) digital cable. After inserting it into the system, I couldn`t resist to smile and my grin was ear-to-ear. There are times when we audiophiles and music lovers think there is hardly anything that could surprise us, well…the Ultra Silver RCA digital cable proved to be a darn big surprise. “The first impression of the Ultra Silver WaveformTM II digital cable was: incredibly organic, transparent and refined! The amount of musical information this cable dug out seemed nigh impossible at first but after the initial shock I simply began to enjoy its utterly natural sonic delivery. In a sense it was very difficult to dissect the sound into numberless audiophile criteria because the sound was so holistically homogeneous, natural and self evident that trying to pin down the various aspects of reproduction quality seemed quite, err…in a sense, pointless. This cable`s main strength is actually in its ability to seduce the listener into absorbing the musical message − and leave the cheap audiophile pondering aside.” − Mono & Stereo Read the full review Mono & Stereo “This is the most precise, musical, enjoying digital cable I have ever heard. Period!…I′ll give this TQ cable 6 out of 5 stars” − Mono & Stereo Read the full review Nomono “Tellurium Q Ultra Silver, which is the company′s newest cable, playing with a mega large sound stage and lots of nice details. And an incredible precision and delightful musicality. …without being analytical, or sharp to hear. Just lots of detail on the palette….. a differentiated transparency and an incredible transient reproduction and brawn in the bass …. musical and precise sound” − Kurt Lassen, Nomono Read the full review
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