• Cablu HDMI GoldKabel Executive High Speed

Cablu HDMI GoldKabel Executive High Speed

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Cablu HDMI GoldKabel Executive High Speed

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GoldKabel este producator german, acest produs face parte din Seria Executive full support for the HDMI® 2.0 standard full support of features of earlier versions (downward compatible) high-speed data transfer up to 18 Gibt/s (audio/video) resolution up to max. 4K (3840 x 2160) on 50/60p full support of 3D up to a resolution of 4K simulateously transmission of 32 audio channels with sampling frequenz of 1536 kHz simulateously transmission of dual video-streams multi-stream audio up to 4 different users HDMI® ethernet channel for internet/IP network 100 MBit/s TCP/IP full support of the extended color space B.2020 for 4K resolution full suppport of 21:9 widescreen format audio return channel ARC full support of 8PCM, Dolby® Digital, DTS®, MPEG, SACD®, DTS-HD® and Dolby® True HD 3-times cable shielding full conductive PVC (all-over protection against EMI) solid metal plugs with gold-plated contacts
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