• Cablu Interconect Tellurium Q Statement RCA

Cablu Interconect Tellurium Q Statement RCA

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Cablu Interconect Tellurium Q Statement RCA
Tellurium Q

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Pentru informatii legate de stoc, detalii tehnice, consultanta ne puteti contacta telefonic sau pe mail, datele le aveti aici Pretul mentionat este pentru o pereche cablu stereo interconect cu conectori RCA montati in fabrica. Se poate comanda si in alte dimensiuni mai mari decat cel mentionat Designed and built to match the performance of the Statement speaker cable we had to completely re-think the way we approached the RCA in terms of its micro-geometry, production process, isolation etc but the time and R&D spent on developing these cables has been worth it, having the same performance profile as the speaker cable. Or as one listener described their experience connecting the RCAs into a system with the Statement speaker cables: “Just when I thought this is it, there′s no room for additional improvement, the RCAs were plugged in and…voila, another big step forward towards even more realistic reproduction.”
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